Your pets are part of your family.
Why not record them for posterity with one or more photographs?

There are many ways in which you can enjoy such pictures.
You could:

  • hang a picture on your wall
  • put a selection of pictures into a photo album
  • load a set of images into a digital photo frame
  • have a set of greeting cards to send to your family and friends

I will come to your home (or anywhere else, such as a favourite park) and photograph your pet somewhere it's relaxed and happy. I always think pictures taken in this way look much more natural than a studio shot where you and your pet are in strange surroundings and cannot relax.

Usually, I will visit you three times:

  1. First, to discuss exactly what you want and to meet your pet so that I am not a complete stranger when I come back to take the photos. I will bring my camera on this visit to acquaint your pet with the look and sound of it but I will not usually take any “proper” pictures.
  2. Secondly, the actual photography session. This will usually take one to two hours and can be in your home, in a local park or anywhere else that you and your pet will feel comfortable. If required, I can shoot in several locations but this might need more time and, perhaps, more than one visit in which case there could be an additional charge.
  3. Finally, I will bring prints of the best pictures for you to choose which ones you want and to place an order for finished prints, photo albums, digital image sets, etc.

One print, up to A4 in size, is included in the basic price for the session. There is a small charge for any additional prints, albums, etc.

Please feel free to send me a message using the form on the Contact page to book an appointment or to ask for more information.

These are some of my photographs of pets or other domestic animals.
Click on any picture to see a larger version.